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Fighting cross-infection

The potential for hospital-acquired infection is a major issue for hospital managers, practice managers and the public alike.

It counts for little if the equipment being used can carry infection from one patient to the next. Good practice dictates that hospitals work towards a reduction in the number of patients who become ill from germs picked up during a hospital stay, as well as safeguarding hospital staff.

Cross-infection and cleanliness are significant issues facing health professionals – and Albert Waeschle is ready to help, continuously seeking the most effective, and cost-effective, solutions.

various disposable instrumentsFrom disinfectants to disposable instruments, clothing to general consumables, AW-0nline has over 1,100 products to help you in your fight against cross infection. We can even put together custom packs to suit your particular specialist discipline. If you need help or advice, talk to us.

Surface Disinfectants
How do you choose your disinfectant: by its smell, name, colour and bottle, or because it’s clinically proven with independently researched test papers and has a medical CE mark?

bacoban water-based disinfectantBacoban is your new weapon in the fight against cross infection. Whilst conventional surface disinfectants are only effective for some 30 minutes, Bacoban's patented nano-technology retains its effectiveness for significantly longer.

Independently tested by the Fresenius Institute (papers are available upon request.), Bacoban is proven to be effective for up to 10 days against

including Hepatitis B and C, HIV, Influenza, Herpes and BVDV;
including Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia Coli;
fungal infections:
including Aspergillus Niger and Candida Albicans.

And real life studies show Bacoban is effective in real life situations.

Bacoban complies with internationally acknowledged ASTM E 2180 Test, has certified bio compatibility according to DIN EN ISO 10993-1, and is medically CE marked.


There is no point in having an effective disinfectant if the dispenser is unhygienic. CombiPlum dispensers provide effective and environment friendly solutions, offering an optimum hygiene solution to a wide range of professional users.

CombiPlum dispensersAvailable in both plastic and stainless steel, CombiPlum dispensers have a 1-litre disinfectant or hand cream capacity. As there is no carton, the consumption of packaging is minimised; it has no real function and increases the risk of fungal attacks in wet conditions.

Hung by the label, the bag is easy to mount and empties completely, further contributing to sound business economics. And the bag’s vacuum valve efficiently prevents bacteria from entering the product.

Last but not least, all parts are easy to dismantle and clean. The stainless steel dispensers are particularly attractive to hospitals because of their ease of cleaning and they can be autoclaved.
Clean your hands campaign logo

Durrani safety master single use instruments logo
Quality is the most important attribute of a surgical instrument and this cannot be compromised for single-use instruments. Durrani Safety Master instruments are manufactured from good quality stainless steel to a high standard and finish. Each is individually inspected, packed and sterilised in the UK to the strictest European requirements.

Safety Master offers the widest range of single-use instruments for many procedures and specialities. Albert Waeschle recognises that demand varies, offering Safety Master instruments, suture packs and single-use NSV kits for vasectomy procedures as singles, midi-packs of 10 or bulk-packs of 50. Bespoke procedure packs can be produced - subject to a 50 unit minimum order; please contact us for details.


Single-use instrument accessories
Although many instruments are too expensive to be available in single-use format, the business end can be. Albert Waeschle offers a wide variety of disposable, single-use products in your fight against cross infection in accident and emergency, doctor’s surgeries and similar environments, from fibre optic laryngoscope blades to otoscope specula.

Rigi-Box optimatic for sharps disposalDisposal
For hospital, nursing, care, GP and emergency services environments, Rigi-Box medical disposal containers and systems offer versatile sharps disposal. With a range of designs and sizes, and practical, safe and environment-friendly features, Rigi-Box fulfils the needs of every practitioner. And, being made from polypropylene, Rigi-Box products have zero emissions from incineration, giving off just water vapour and carbon dioxide.

Covers, curtains and couch rolls
Adequate laundry service provision is fundamental to patient care. However, incorrect linen processing and handling can present an infection risk to staff, patients and visitors. Albert Waeschle offers a wide range of disposable clothing, bedding, etc., as an effective alternative.
Hygienic mattress covers (non-woven textile)
Hygienic bed and pillow covers (non-woven textile)
Surgical drapes with low fluid leak for minor surgery
Couch rolls


Suitable for operating theatres and laboratories, our range of single-use male and female clothing is ideal for health care staff and professionals - and visitors to sensitive areas such as ICU, isolation wards and theatre:
Trousers with sewn in tape at waist (non-woven, non-linting)
T-shape top (non-woven, non-linting)
Shoe covers (plastic foil with elasticated edges and non-slip surface)
Visitor’s set comprising gown, shoe covers, cap and face mask (non-woven, non-linting)
Protective apron made from PE foil with ties at the rear
Examination shorts with rear aperture for colonoscopy and rectal examinations

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