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Otoscopes and Ophthalmoscopes :

Heine Optotechnik of Germany is Europe's leading manufacturer of professional medical diagnostic equipment, with over fifty years experience in the field.

Over the years, Heine have made many ground breaking developments, designed to assist practitioners in many different fields of medicine.

The Heine name is synonymous with high quality and innovation, with many new and imaginative product launches each year. With a solid sales and servicing network that covers Europe and the world, coupled with keen pricing and excellent product selection, Heine offers the best package in medical diagnostic equipment available today.

Now with 10 year warranty.



• High quality
• Chrome-plated upper section
• Sturdy, shockproof and non-slip
• Automatic switch-off when returned to pocket

• Dust protected optics
• Good selection of lenses. Red-free, small and large spot and semi-circle apertures
• Brow rest
• Hard ABS casing, protects optics

• Distal fibre optic or direct illumination
• 2.5V Xenon Halogen bulb gives 100% more light
• 3 x mag viewing window

• Chrome-plated brass
• Handle takes 2 x AA size batteries
• Screw connector for
interchangeable heads
• Rheostat Brightness Control

• Dust-proof construction
• 4 apertures with independent red-free filter
• Extensive lens range, in single diopter steps
• Compact design
• Brow rest
• 2.5v or 3.5v versions

• Fibre Optic illumination
• Strong ABS construction
• 3x magnification viewing window
• Air tight for pneumatic testing
• New Xenon bulb gives bright white illumination
• 2.5v or 3.5v Alpha Otoscopes

• Heine Modular handle system
• Standard battery or
rechargeable - converts easily
• Knurled finish for improved grip
• Rheostat brightness control
• Heine "Auto-lock" connector system

• Wide range of apertures, including red-free, small and large spot, target and still lamp
• 28 lenses for fine focusing
• Dust protection seals
• Brow rest
• Ergonomic shape
• Strong aluminium frame and ABS casing

• Choice of fibre optic or direct illumination
• Hard ABS plastic construction
• 3x magnification window, air tight
• Pneumatic testing adaptor
• Universal speculae fitment
• New Xenon bulb gives incredibly bright light
• Now available with Lithium Ion cells

• Heine modular handle system
• Knurled for grip
• Rheostat brightness control
• Heine “Auto-Lock” connector system

• Beta 200 “The Professionals choice”
• Gullstrand Optical system
• Wide range of apertures and lenses
• Apertures include Cobalt blue, target, semi-circle, slit lamp,
large and small spot
• Separate red-free filter
• Dust-proof, maintenance free
• Brow rest
• Aluminium frame and ABS casing

• Matt chrome finish
• Brass construction for strength
• Fibre Optic or conventional
• 3x magnification viewing window
• Air-tight for pneumatic testing
• New Xenon illumination
• Now available with Lithium Ion cells

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