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Sterilisation : Autoclaves

For more than 50 years, MELAG sterilisation equipment has been universally recognised for its quality and reliability - available exclusively through AW Online.

A family run business, Melag has become a world leader in the production of sterilizing equipment with over 400,000 units in use world wide. These high quality, modern autoclaves are supported by a Europe-wide network of engineers.

1: European Norm EN13060/1-4
All Melag Autoclaves conform to the EN13060/1-4. This Norm applies almost the same operational requirements as those currently applied to large hospital based autoclaves.EN13060/1-4 categorises autoclaves as types N, S and B according to their operational parameters and intended applications.

2: Independent Validation

Melag Type B autoclaves have been independently validated by a leading German University to exceed the requirements of EN13060/1-4 for Class B Autoclaves.

3: Water Purit
Only the best quality demineralised or sterile water should be used to avoid autoclave malfunction and possible long term damage. Unfortunately water quality is very dependant upon the source of supply. Melag type S and B machines automatically check water quality before each cycle. If the sterilizing water contains impurities the autoclave will inform the operator and prevent use of the contaminated water. This feature is unique to Melag and significantly contributes to Melags enviable reputation for long term reliability and longevity.

4: Water Cycle
All Melag type S and B autoclaves allow the user a choice of either 1 way or water recirculation. With either system the autoclave will inform the user when refilling or draining is required.

5: Simplicity
Simple push button operation with large back-lit alphanumeric display that informs the user of the chosen cycle and stage reached.


6: Comprehensive cycles
Where appropriate the user has a wide choice of cycles.

7: Documentation
For security, every Melag Type B and Type S machine is available with an optiona lprinter which comprehensively documents every cycle and sterilizing event. Alternatively, each Melag B or S can be supplied with MelaWin software which runs unobtrusively in the background recording every cycle for later printing and examination.

8: Reliability and longevity

All Melag autoclaves are manufactured from the highest quality materials available. Pressure chambers and doors are manufactured from stainless steel, pressure lines and pipes from Teflon and all other parts in contact with water from bronze. Door seals are manufactured from long life silicon. Melag recommended service intervals are 1000 cycles or 2 years whichever is shorter. All chambers carry a lifetime guarantee.

9: Useful sizes
Both Type S and B autoclaves are available in two useful chamber sizes: 18.4 and 22.4 litres and include six trays as standard. Typically, the 18.4litre model will sterilize up to 18 cusco’s per cycle whilst the 22.4 litre model will sterilize up to 24 cusco’s per cycle. Most importantly, even the short chamber model is suitable for the sterilisation of I.U.C.D. instruments. Pouch racks are available as an option.


Universal Cycle
• 134°C 2.1 bar
Suitable for wrapped and unwrapped instruments and certain hollow items.

  Quick Cycle
• 134°C 2.1 bar
• Rapid, 15 minute cycle
Suitable only for unwrapped instruments required for rapid re-use.
  Gentle Cycle
• 121°C 1.1 bar
Suitable for wrapped instruments, textile loads, thermostabile plastic and rubber items.
  Prion Cycle
• 134°C 2.1 bar for 20 minutes
R ecommended for use where contamination by pathologically modified proteins is suspected. Note: the Melag Prion Program can be modified to suit current known ‘Best Practice’ principles.
  Bowie & Dick Test Program
Steam penetration test.
  Vacuum Cycle
Used to check the operational parameters of the autoclave.
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