The company was started in 1959 by Mr Albert Waeschle based in the South of England.

Where it all began

When serving in the German army in the Second World War Mr Albert Waeschle was caught in Belgium by the British and subsequently transported back to the South of England as a prisoner of war.

During this period of detainment Mr Waeschle became familiar with the local area, met his future wife Iris and contributed to the war effort by clearing mines and bombs as well as taking on the role of translator for the prisoner of war camp he was residing in. 

After the war ended Mr. Waeschle returned to his previous profession as an apprentice with a German medical instrument manufacturer.  He worked his way up through the company to achieve the position of Sales Representative. In today’s terms Mr Waeschle’s territory covered the globe or as he modestly puts it ‘everywhere except Russia’.

The start of the company

Eventually he decided to return to the UK with his family and set up his business in partnership with specially selected German manufacturers for which he became their Main UK agent.

By selling quality products, providing excellent product knowledge and delivering exceptional customer service to doctors, hospitals, vets and dentists, the business grew from an office in a garage to the 25,000ft premises we operate from today. 

Core values

By using his own name Mr Waeschle knew he would have to build his reputation on the core values we still abide by today:





These are our foundations for providing first class customer service and building meaningful commercial relationships around the world.

The next generation

Martin Waeschle, son of Albert joined the organization in 1980. Whilst gaining valuable insight and knowledge Martin worked his way up through the company to become General Manager overseeing the strategy and day to day operations of the Albert Waeschle Group.

Now Managing Director, Martin has been the driving force in the development of key products culminating in the successful launches of our own proprietary brands. 

By engaging with specialists we have acquired an in-depth knowledge of market environments to develop features not offered by other brands. 

This is through collaborative discussions via exhibitions, customer visits and site appraisals. By utilizing over 250 years experience within Albert Waeschle we are experts in identifying the elements a product has to excel beyond to become a trusted brand.

The future

2021 will be a significant year for our business, carrying on our ambitious expansion plans as well as managing a world after COVID. We are 100% driven to continue the globalisation of our own brands and form strong, secure commercial relationships with partners based on our core values.

We would love you to join us!!

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