2G Guardian Generica Multivoltage LED Upgrade Bulbs

2G LED upgrade kits designed to be multi-voltage and are perfectly suited for use with 2.5v or 3.5v power sources. The extra cost of the LED upgrade is easily recouped after a few months through decreased battery usage and reduced charge times. The main benefit of 2G LED upgrades though is superior, brighter illumination and no need to purchase a new instrument head.Read full product description...
SKU: H0350XX Category: / Brand: Guardian Generica


  • Superior illumination
  • Longer battery life
  • Cost-effective
  • Fantastic 10 year warranty against LED failure

Additional information

Bulb Equivalent

X-001.88.035, X-001.88.037, X-001.88.041, X-001.88.056, X-001.88.077, X-001.88.105, X-001.88.107, X-001.88.110, X-002.88.044, X-002.88.049, X-002.88.078


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