3M™ VetCast Plus Casting Tape

Exceptional knitted, fibreglass fabric casting tape impregnated with a polyurethane resin delivering first class strength and integrityRead full product description...
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  • 3 times lighter than plaster of paris restricting the immobilization to the limb only
  • Rigidity of cast is achieved after 20 minutes and is not compromised by chewing, licking or moisture exposure such as water or urine
  • Multi-directional stretch of fabric allows the cast to conform to body contours
  • Resin can be activated to control working time according to requirements
  • Provides the versatility to employ the split cast technique for regular observation of limb, wounds and dressings
  • Reduces itching and odour
  • Radioluscent

Ideal applications

  • Simple or comminuted fractures, stable after reduction
  • Articular, greenstick, transverse or distal fractures (carpus, metacarpus, tarsus, metatarsus) Carpus or tarsus arthrodesis, Achilles tendon surgery, sprain, carpus or tarsus luxation


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