Brymill Cry-Ac Cryosurgical System

Hand-held cryosurgical system for effective treatment of dermatological conditions such as warts, verrucae and skin tagsRead full product description...
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  • Minimal secondary tissue damage
  • Little or no anaesthetic required
  • Convenient to operate jet spray release assembly, ensures accurate and controlled application
  • Stainless steel vacuum fl ask in a choice of 300ml or 500ml versions
    • 300ml  – smaller size offers easier handling with static holding time of 10 – 12 hours
    • 500ml – offers greater capacity and static holding time of 20 – 24 hours
  • Liquid nitrogen holding time:- 12 hours max (300ml); 20 to 24 hours (500ml)
  • Supplied complete with spray apertures A, B, D, 2 x C, and 20 ga. bent spray
  • 3 year parts and labour warranty

Additional information

System/ Accessory

Cry Ac System – 500ml, Cry Ac 3 System 300ml, Cryotote Carry Case, Aperture A, Aperture B, Aperture C, Aperture D, Original Bent Spray, 75mm x 20g Bent Spray, 38mm x 20g Bent Spray, Super Spray E Tip


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