D-Scope Set – E Lithium Desk Rechargeable

Set Includes:

  • D-Scope with xy contact plate with immersion/polarisation option
  • E Lithium Ion rechargeable handle
  • Single port charger
  • Combi plate holder for non contact Dermoscopy and single contact plate use
  • 10 x single use contact plates
  • Stylish, zip storage case


  • Charging time: 2 hours approx.
  • Running duration: 10 hours
  • LED illumination life: 10,000 hours
  • LED guarantee: 10 years
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The NEW OPTICLAR VISIONMED D-Scope Dermatoscope takes dermatology to a new level. Packed with features and benefits that have been requested by top specialists in the Dermatology field. Fantastic performance combined with superbly competitive pricing makes the OPTICLAR dermatoscope the all round best proposition when considering new equipment.

  • Powered by 8 high performance LEDs for superb illumination
  • Provides an excellent screening tool for early detection of malignant melanomas
  • First class optics ensure excellent edge to edge magnification free from spherical and chromatic aberration
  • Record and document findings with the excellent operating microscope derived optics ensuring first class images using either a simple compact camera adaptor, SLR adaptor or Smart phone camera adaptor
  • Switchable Polarisation/Immersion Dermoscopy
  • Initial examination is easily accomplished using the Polarisation button on front head, if more detailed examination is required simply push button for immersion setting and apply the chosen contact medium, no need to change contact plates
  • If non contact examination is required simply exchange xy plate for the non contact plate

Unique to D-Scope – Worlds first single use contact plate system

  • Simple and effective solution to minimise cross infection – if accessing personal areas such as the genitals and anal region fit the disposable contact plate holder and clip on the disposable contact plate
  • When finished simply flick the disposable contact plate into a suitable clinical waste receptacle
  • Disposable contact plate system can be used with either polarised light or for immersion dermatoscopy
  • If the lesion is difficult to access simply remove contact plate and fit the extended small lesion plate, access can now be made between fingers and toes and other hard to reach areas.

E-Lithium Desk Rechargeable Handle

  • Manufactured from lightweight composite materials
  • Suited to practitioners with smaller hands and for carrying around in a coat pocket
  • Ribbed handle is easy to grip and comfortable to use
  • Rotary control allows the LED brightness to be easily adjusted


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