EasyView LED Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope


  • LED binocular indirect ophthalmoscope
  • Teaching mirror
  • Charging Dock – Wall/Desk mounted, takes 2 battery packs


  • Charging time: 2.5 hours
  • Running duration: 8 hours approx.
  • Weights and Dimensions; 540g Total weight including lithium ion cell, 120g lithium ion cell
  • LED illumination life: 10 years
  • Product guarantee: 5 years
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  • Optics -?PD – 46 to 74mm, individually adjustable, with optional +2D lens inserts supplied
  • Filters – Cobalt blue, Yellow, Green, Clear
  • EasyView Apertures – Large, Medium, Small, Diffuse Convergence – viewing and illumination synchronised from dilated to non dilated pupil with no presets
  • Independent Beam adjustment – Left and right handed +/- 15 degree
  • Teaching mirror – supplied as standard
  • Illumination and Power Supply
  • TrueTone LED – Approximately 20,000 hours working life
  • Rheostat – head band mounted
  • Battery pack – lithium ion with options of rear or over band mounting on headband
  • Headband – individually adjustable rear and over band, cell may be mounted on either
  • Detachable comfort pads, washable
  • Flip up optics


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