Nilaqua Towel Off Pet Shampoo

Nilaqua Fox Mess & Muddy Paws: TOPS/size – Mulberry

Nilaqua Naturally Repels: TOFS/size – Peppermint

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Fox Mess & Muddy Paws: TOPS/size

A deep cleansing water based mulberry shampoo that as you work into the fur, lifts heavy dirt into the solution which you then remove with a towel. Ideal pre and post-operation. Available in 200ml & 500ml.

Naturally Repels: TOFS/size
Protect against Fly Strike with this essential oil infused Peppermint shampoo. The Peppermint & Tea Tree essential oils deter all fleas, fly’s and ticks, protecting not only
dogs but also rabbits and guinea pigs,  Available in 200ml & 500ml.

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Bottle Size

500ML, 200ML


Mulberry, Peppermint


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