Single Patient Contact Plate for D-Scope

  • Unique
  • Single use
  • Dispose of in clinical waste receptacle
  • Minimise cross-infection
  • Shown with blue plate holder, supplied separately on code 100.000.200/4
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Single Patient Contact Plates

  • Unique to D-Scope – Worlds first single use contact plate system
  • Simple and effective solution to minimise cross infection – if accessing personal areas such as the genitals and anal region
  • Simply fit the disposable contact plate holder and clip on the disposable contact plate. When finished simply flick the disposable contact plate into a suitable clinical waste receptacle
  • Disposable contact plate system can be used with either polarised light or for contact dermatoscopy
  • Can be? supplied in various pack sizes – packs of 10, 50, 100 and 500

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10, 100, 50, 500


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