The Morgan Lens

Patented and field tested, the lens attaches to solutions of your choice – saving time and money by freeing up valuable staff to attend to other duties

  • The Morgan Lens quickly, effectively and easily irrigates all regions of the eye and inner eyelid
  • Using the Morgan Lens dramatically lessens patient discomfort, as the eye naturally closes over the lens. With conventional irrigation methods the eye has to be held open whilst irrigation occurs; for a traumatised eye this can be extremely disturbing and painful
  • To make use even easier, an optional delivery set is available for simultaneous irrigation of BOTH eyes
  • To further minimise patient discomfort the optional Medi-Duct can be utilised to wick away the irrigating solution from the patient for easy collection, examination and disposal

Please see the link below for an instructional video of the ‘Morgan Lens’

Morgan Lens Instructional Video

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Sight – one of the most precious of faculties.

When an eye emergency happens it can be catastrophic to use inappropriate lavage procedures. That’s why Morgan Lens – developed by a practising ophthalmologist – was designed to be up and running within 20 seconds. Not only save sight but save time and money.

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Morgan Lenses x 12, Delivery Sets x 6, Medi-ducts x 12


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