Universal Disposable Curtain

Universal curtain system promotes compatibility with most existing hooking systems.Read full product description...
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  • Provide continuous antibacterial effi cacy that cannot wear or be washed off
  • Twenty four hour protection for the full useful life of the curtain
  • Manufactured from high quality, durable and recyclable non-woven polypropylene fabric incorporating an eyelet design for easy loading to existing glider hooks
  • Microban 3G Silverâ„¢ antibacterial technology built-in at the point of manufacture to provide a valuable and effective tool to aid in the fight in infection control
  • Simple track conversion using the Marlux Adapt-a-Track may be required which provides a fast and efficient method of loading and unloading disposable curtains
  • Three standard widths: 1.8m, 4.2m and 7.2m with 1950mm drop
  • 4 standard stock colours
  • Unique anti-peel label with date last changed

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1.8mtr, 4.2mtr, 7.2mtr


Summer Blue, Pastel Blue, Bali Sand, Forest Green


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