Veterinary Metal Female Catheterisation Speculum

  • Female catheterisation speculum
  • Metal construction
  • Size 85.0 x 9.0mm catherisation tip with cutout
  • Interior matt finish
  • Suitable for both Opticlar and Heine Slit otoscope heads
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Designed to aid catheterisation with an overall length of 95.0mm x 9.0mm diameter. The tip has a ventral cut out of approximately? 25mm which allows the catheter to be introduced into the urethral orifice under magnification and illumination. Once the catheter has been placed the speculum can be removed and slid back off the catheter (depending upon the size of the catheter) or left on the catheter with the patient.

The speculum finish allows easy cleaning whist the interior has a matt finish to minimise glare and to maximise the amount of light ‘thrown’ from the tip end. The tip provides excellent visualisation.


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