Veterinary Ophthalmoscope Set

Set Includes:

  • Standard trueTone LED L28, 28 lens or AL68, 68 lens ophthalmoscope with polarising filter. Red free/cobalt blue
  • C cell handle
  • Zip case
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Pro-VET LED Ophthalmoscopes

  • TrueTone LED
  • Cobalt Blue filter
  • Light sensitive filter
  • 28 lens from -25d to +40d or 68 lens from -30 to +38d
  • 5 apertures: large, medium, small spot, graticule, slit
  • 10 years LED warranty
  • 5 years product warranty
  • Opticlar and WA handle connection
  • Adaptors for Heine and Keeler handles
  • Can be ‘loocked’ onto handle

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28, 68


ADAPT Single, Battery, E Lithium Single, USB Rechargeable


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