VM5 LED Headlight – Professional Headband with Pro-Line I.O Loupes


  • VM5 LED headlight
  • Professional headband
  • 2.5x or 3x magnification loupes
  • Lithium Ion battery pack
  • Attractive aluminium storage/ carry case
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    SKU: 500.020.010 XXX Categories: , , / Brand: Opticlar


    • 5w LED light, homogenous well defined illumination
    • Adjustable spot size, red free filter for dentistry as optional extra
    • Lightweight headband mounted cell
    • Circa 8 hours use
    • 2.5 hours charge time
    • Charging station
    • Approx. 65,000 lux
    • 5 year physical product warranty including lithium cell
    • 10 year LED warranty
    • Aluminium storage case
    • Supplied with 2.5x or 3x magnification loupes with a choice of 340mm, 420mm, 460mm or 500mm working distances


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