2G Guardian Generica Xenon Bulbs for use with Heine Diagnostic Instruments

Range of generic bulbs suitable for use with Heine diagnostic instrumentsRead full product description...
SKU: H035XXXX Category: / Brand: Guardian Generica


  • 2G Xenon bulbs are high-quality, cost-effective alternatives to branded bulbs, with excellent performance and reliability. Significant savings can be made compared to manufacturers originals
  • Low cost option for replacing bulbs

Additional information

Bulb Equivalent

X-001.88.035, X-001.88.037, X-001.88.038, X-001.88.039, X-001.88.040, X-001.88.041, X-001.88.042, X-001.88.056, X-001.88.057, X-001.88.059, X-001.88.069, X-001.88.077, X-001.88.084, X-001.88.087, X-001.88.105, X-001.88.106, X-001.88.107, X-001.88.109, X-001.88.110, X-002.88.044, X-002.88.046, X-002.88.049, X-002.88.070, X-002.88.078, X-002.88.086, X-002.88.091, X-002.88.101, X-004.88.068


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